Reduces Infrared Heat and Stops Ultra Violet Light

Window film reduces the damage caused by infrared heat in your home--insulating against cold in the winter and minimizing heat in the summer. Most windows on newer homes are quality dual pane E-rated glass, which stops only 0.1% of UVA-UVB. Window film tremendously reduces the amount of fading caused by harmful UV rays (blocking 99% or more), solar heat (cutting up to 82%), and visible light, and is an effective way to reduce fading in comparison to untreated glass. 

Saves On Energy Costs

The average window film installation can cost less than most medium priced window treatments. The return on your investment will come in the form of reduced air conditioning and heating costs.

Protects Interior Furnishings

Let's face it. Decorating the interior of a home is not cheap. Installing window film will reduce temperature imbalances caused by extreme sunlight, and reduce fading and discoloration of your furniture, flooring, artwork and window coverings. This is why so many interior designers, architects and building engineers use it.

Increases Safety

Window film enhances the appearance of your home and provides daytime privacy. It also acts as safety glass should there be breakage, preventing possible injury due to broken glass. It even helps reduce the chances of skin cancer.  

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