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Solo Residential Window Tint is your best choice for window tinting in Gila County With over 30 years of experience, Micah is a Master Tinter with flat glass. He spent his earlier years working under the tutelage of his older brother, Robyn, owner and operator of Visions Tint, a well-known window tinting business in Anaheim, California.

When you decide to reach out to a professional to tint the windows in your home, or to learn more about this process, we hope you’ll reach out to Solo. Installing window film may look relatively easy but there are many circumstances that could lead to an unprofessional installation. It is very easy for the film to become contaminated with dirt, dust or hair, thus ruining the film and creating dissatisfaction. A professional installer is experienced with proper preparation and application techniques to prevent contamination or other problems with the film, thus ensuring a quality installation. It is very important to use quality film, and there are many good products out there. Madico, is one of the first innovators of window film companies in the United States, is our window film of choice. They have their finger on the pulse of the market needs. Yes—there are other products on the market with more recognizable names—but they are also more expensive, and we do not want to pass that cost on to our customers.

Micah is happy to answer any questions about installing window film in your home. He is a perfectionist, and will ensure you receive a seamless installation. Unlike some of the larger window tinting businesses in the Treasure Valley, his focus is solely on residential tinting, and he is passionate about the comfort this product brings to his clients. 

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Micah is always happy to talk about the benefits of window film. He is truly passionate about this product and why he has never lived in a home without window film.  



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